Tesunho Electronics Co., Ltd is the leading PoC IP two way radio supplier in China. We offer a variety of professional Wireless Telecommunication Equipments and plans to support different industries, such as Security, Logistics, Transportation, Railway, Irrigation, Government Department like Firefighter Station, ect.
Company Profile:  
Trade NameQuanzhou Tesunho Electronics Co., Ltd
Office AddressNo.2 5th F/L Ph.2 Xunmei Industrial Zone, Chengdong Street,
Fengze District, Quanzhou City, China
Legal PersonWei TianQing
TAX Number9135050305843838XU
Exporting Registered Number02871240
Customs Registered Number
Main Business
Walkie talkie R&D Service,production and exporting
◆Sep. 2007
It started its domestic two way radio design service. Its main business was helping the manufacturers to design a complete radio plan: draw the structure diagram, choose parts, program function software and guide production.
It successfully tested the first integrated main chip and helped lots of factories save cost on parts and simplify the production process.
◆End of 2012
TESUNHO started its oversea business, which aims to serve more and more OEM & ODM required partners.
◆Dec. 2013 – April 2014
It was the first one who successfully tested integrated CDMA module chip and helped to improve the bugs on the module. Its CDMA version network two way radio was launched to some fanfare. Its sales volume reached to 200,560 pieces in 8 months.
◆End of 2014 – June of 2015
Due to the success of CDMA radio R&D, it got the right to participate in ZTE’s WCDMA module R&D and improvement.
◆June 2015 – Dec. 2017
It got 11 ready-made models! It got 25 new OEM partners in 29 countries and areas! 8 models have CE/FCC/RCM certificates or test reports! Products cover from basic talking and GPS function to Android WIFI version and latest LTE/4G technology. July, 2017, granted “POC Program Design Award based on LTE CAT1 ME3610” which launched by ZTE Welink.China Smart And Durable PoC Two Way Radio For Rentals
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