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I wouldn't say I'm a good person, but I don't think I'm a bad person either. I would say somewhere in the middle.
by (Age 20s)
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Not at all. I want to be. I'm too easily irritated. Similarly, I try to be less judgemental and I have done a lot for others. The truth is that I can be a real bitch if you get on my bad side.
by (Age 34)
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In my opinion, to be a good person, one must do good deeds on a regular basis. I take care of my family's needs on a regular basis, but I don't consider it a good deed. I think a good deed can occur when someone goes out of their way to perform something without expecting anything in return.
by (Age 26)
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I don't really think of myself as anything at all. Definitions do not apply. I don't restrict myself to only being one thing. A house that is empty has no selfishness, resentment, or any other form of greed. I am simply what I am, and that defies all explanations.
by (Age 31)
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I think everyone is a good person, unless you go out of your way to hurt someone else.
by (Age 28)
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