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A good boyfriend makes his girlfriend's life easier. Men are meant to provide and females are meant to create. You must make her feel safe in her feminine energy for her to be the best version of herself. You will notice you like her more when she feels safe in her feminine rather than being in her masculine. Masculine is not cute on a female.
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n this day and age, there is so much information at your expense. The internet is full of things you can do for your girlfriend to make her life better. All girls are different, so in order to know what your girlfriend wants you have to know her well. You can do research by looking deep into her soul. What is she craving? Does she like Halloween? In that case make her a “spooky baske her a “Spooky Basket” with all her favorite halloween candy, add a cute themed blanket, some scrunchies, get creative. Pinterest is targeted towards a female audience, this is a great place for inspiration!
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Being a best friend first. I've found that the best boyfriends treat their ladies as a friend first. Treat your girlfriend with the same respect you would show your best friend, times one hundred. Relationships are truly just an extension of friendships. She will feel it if you prefer her personality over her physical features and she will respect you more for it.
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